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Slotchiver & Slotchiver, LLP has over three fourths of a century of combined experience, and for years we have litigated Probate disputes in South Carolina courts. Over time, we have seen the costly results of poor or non-existent Estate Planning — legacies destroyed, final wishes disregarded, assets depleted in protracted litigation, and worst of all, families torn apart. We seek to prevent these tragedies. We use our experience in the courtroom to craft a holistic, comprehensive approach to Estate-Planning. This results in the highest caliber service to our clients, ensuring that their final wishes are carried out efficiently, while simultaneously protecting their assets and their families. At Slotchiver & Slotchiver, LLP, we do not measure our relationship with a client by the number of cases, we measure it in generations. We build relationships with our clients and their families, protecting and advising them for generations to come.

Our firm has helped generations of families here in Charleston and throughout the state of South Carolina manage their estates. For more than 50 years our firm has drafted Estate Planning documents that protect our clients’ families, preserve and transfer wealth across generations, and create lasting family legacies.We take the time to fully understand our clients — their property, their family dynamics and their goals for future generations. Using these factors we develop unique estate plans that allow clients to meet their goals, to preserve family wealth, and to transfer assets in a smart, fiscally responsible manner. We know how important it is to parents and grandparents to protect and provide for the future of their children and grandchildren. We can help you establish a trust to protect your hard-earned wealth and to ensure that it is efficiently and responsibly transferred.

No matter the size of your estate or the age of your family, a few simple estate planning documents can help protect you and your children from the unforeseen. Our customized Estate Planning documents cover every aspect of life, including the creation of directives in the events of serious injury or illness. A Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will to ensure that your personal, religious beliefs and wishes regarding health care and life support are honored. We also create Durable Power of Attorney documents for clients to ensure that all of their personal affairs can be properly managed in the event of unforeseen disability.

While a well-executed estate plan is essential, these documents alone are insufficient to affect our clients’ final wishes. We review all of our clients’ assets to ensure they are titled correctly, ensuring that the assets will flow with the estate plan and our clients’ wishes regarding distribution will be honored. Further, we analyze our clients’ Estate Plans to ensure that their hard-earned wealth is transferred in a tax-efficient manner. As one of the longest-standing tax law practices in South Carolina, our attorneys help our clients use a variety of tax-savings mechanisms to ensure our clients transfer as much wealth as possible from one generation to the next.

Our attorneys also represent our clients’ interests during Probate Administration to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. To learn more about our work in the Probate Courts in South Carolina, see our “Probate Litigation” section.

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